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Immersive Environments Lab (IEL) - Room 208 Stuckeman Family Building

Man viewing 3D display of a building in the IEL.

The Immersive Environments Lab (IEL) is a joint project of Penn State's Information Technology Services (ITS) and the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, located in 208 Stuckeman Family Building The purpose of the lab is to facilitate the effective use of VR techniques in the design arts and other disciplines. The lab is used in undegradaute architectural design studio for visualization and presentation of student designs, telecollaborative design studio with remote student peers, as well as for research and teaching in immersive visualization, mutlimedia and visual analytics across SALA.

Background Documentation

See the Systems Manual for more information.

Publications on the IEL:

The VR-Desktop: and Accessible Approach to VR Enironments in Teaching and Research - 2003

An Affordable Immersive Environment in Beginning Design Studio Education - ACADIA 2002

Virtual Reality Space Visualization in Design Education - eCAADe 2002

Diving Deep into Designs -- ArchitectureWeek -- October 23, 2002.